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Daily Photograph

The daily photo has been suspended until I acquire a new camera.

Several years ago, the website of the month feature in Amateur Photographer, featured a website where the author published a different photo every day. I thought it was a very good idea, so I’ve stolen it. From now until sometime in the future, I’m going have a photo of the day. Well maybe not every day, I’m sure life will get in the way somewhere along the line. Maybe it should be called ‘Most Days, Daily Photograph’.

One of the reasons for starting it, is that it will get me out taking photos more often.

It’ll also allow me to highlight some of the photos from my archive. Initially, my digital photos. Then once I work out how to digitise them, my old prints, and slides.

A lot of the pictures will be taken in and around Marsden (West Yorkshire), the village I currently live in. The interesting thing here, is finding lots of different photos of Marsden. I have some ideas; we’ll have to wait and see. All I know, is that if I keep this up, there will be a lot of photos of Marsden!

I’m hoping it will also improve my photography.

The latest daily photo page is here.

All daily photo pages are tagged ‘Daily-Photo’, a complete list of them is available here.

Paul Chappell, 13th May 2015.